Water utilities need to measure and control water quality (Chlorine, pH etc) to meet regulatory standards.
Today this is done manually, driving to a site taking individual measurements.

SPI provides a plug and play 4G gateway.
SPI provides a custom cloud dashboard so the sites can be monitored from anywhere.
Dashboards provide Historical logging, alarms and text alerts 

Resulting in:

Reduced OPEX, Labor/Overtime, fuel and related expense.
Enhanced infrastructure resiliency.
Meeting environmental targets.
Meeting regulatory requirements.



Remote terminal units (RTUs) are connected to the cloud and the user’s PC / Phone, where data can be accessed and analyzed by personnel. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and provides real-time insights and alerts for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Lift Stations

Lift stations, which are used to move wastewater or sewage from a lower elevation to a higher one, can be connected to a personal computer or phone using SPI’s IoT technology. This connection allows for remote monitoring and control of the lift station, providing real-time data on its performance and allowing for immediate action to be taken in the event of a problem or malfunction, including predictive maintenance.


Maintaining the proper properties of water stored in tanks is critical for ensuring the safety and quality of the water supply. SPI’s IIoT solution can help with this task by continuously monitoring the water temperature, pH level, and other important properties in real-time. If any deviations from the desired levels are detected, the system can automatically send alerts to maintenance personnel, allowing them to take timely action to correct the problem.

Secure cloud based dashboards

Access your personalized dashboard from anywhere.
No software to install, no servers to maintain.

Your data anywhere.

PC, Tablet & Phone

Custom Dashboards
We create custom dashboards to represent your data and processes
to meet your needs. Read & Control.

Access your dashboard from anywhere
Our cloud portal and your dashboards can be accessed from any
web browser, even directly from your mobile phone.

Portal connection is SSL encrypted.
Role based login.
2-Factor Authentication option.

Data Storage
Store data for 12 months.

External data access
You can access your data outside of the portal using API’s for
use in other systems like ERP, MES etc.

Customer SCADA Integration. We allow and can support custom integrations with your onsite SCADA systems like VTScada, Ignition etc.

Take the next step.

Access your personalized dashboard from anywhere. No software to install no servers to maintain
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